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Intelligent Dispatching Device_FTH-DVR-F8

Release time:2015/11/22 23:24:00

Main Function

- GPS/ compass automatic and manually report bus station

- Big screen line, site, driver information display

- 7 inch high definition vehicle middle/back door monitoring

- The driver punch card by wireless

- The dispatch instructions broadcast of the text to the voice

- 2/3/4G wireless communication optional

- Wired network interface

- WIFI and cable vehicle routing function, can access to 50 terminals

- Can be dock LED signs, advertising machine, POS machine of vehicle.

Product Features

- Display: 7-inch color LCD, 800 * 480 dot matrix HD display

- CPU:Cotex-M4 series, 32 bit 168M processing speed

- Location: Ublox series high precision positioning module

- Voice: Hardware MP3 decoder, hi-fidelity digital amplifier

- Power: 6 ~ 36V wide power adapter

- USB: High speed USB-OTG communication interface, suitable for various USB, also can be used as a storage device connected to the computer

- SD interface: High speed SHDC interface, suitable for all kinds of SD card

- Storage: Built in storage space, which is more than 128MB, and it is specially designed for the fault tolerance and the write balance processing of vehicle.

- File system: General FAT, FAT32 file system

- Operating systems: Embedded real-time operating system, support multi-tasking

- UI: Custom UI system for the bus application specially, the operation is intuitive, smooth

- Video: 2 channels CVBS input, integrated monitor function

- TTS: Including text analysis and intelligent conversion algorithm, voice broadcast is smooth and natural

- RF: wireless punch card, support ISO/IEC 14443 TypeA series smart card

- External interface: RS232 x 2, RS485, CAN, a number of IO, external control interface

- Communication interface: 2G, 3G, 4G, network communication optional, compatible with 3 network operators

- Network interface: 1 channel network interface, WIFI interface can access 50 devices at the same time

- Routing function: reliable industrial grade router function

- Call and propaganda: Hand microphone interface, can realize the propaganda and call center in the car.

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