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AHD/720P Full Netcom SD Card Mobile DVR_FTH-A6

Release time:2015/11/22 23:26:00

SD card storage, GPS/3G/4G/4G full netcom/WIFI optional.


- The product is specifically designed for the mobile monitoring with dual SD card, it is with low price and high quality. Mini fuselage can be easily installed in any position. Professional air plug connector to ensure the reliability of the connectio. The appearance is simple which is easy to operate for user.

Functional characteristics and industrial design

- Industrial grade design, which ensures the reliable and stable operation of the products under complex environment.

- Super mini body is no longer limited by the installation space.

- Wide voltage design, support 6 to 36V wide voltage input.

- Overload protection, short protection, reverse protection.

- Use H264 video compression algorithm, support 4 video and 2 audio; § Dual SD card, SD card maximum support 128G.

- Support external G-Sensor.

- Fast boot, leave data as soon as possible.

- Matching 4 synchronous playback analysis software.



AHD/720P Full Netcom SD Card Mobile DVR_FTH-A6:http://www.furtherchina.com/e/SDCardMobileDVR/52.html