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4/8 Channels SD Card Mobile DVR_FTH-JT-F7

Release time:2015/11/22 23:27:00

SD card storage with GPS, 3G/4G/WIFI optional



- FTH-DVR-F7 is designed for drive video & driving record, the function of which can be expanded. It is of high performance price ratio.

- It uses high speed processor and embedded operating system, combined with the most advanced H.264 video compression / decompression technology, network technology, RFID technology, can realize video recording, automobile driving information and wireless data upload, with central software can realize the central monitoring, remote management and recycling analysis.

Functional characteristics and industrial design

- Standard car single DIN installation method.

- JT/T 794-2011 road transport vehicle satellite positioning system vehicle terminal technical requirements.

- Comply with GB19056-2012 standards for vehicle driving record.

- Local video and playback: support D1/HD1/CIF selectable resolution.

- Driving record: support for speed, steering, brake, reverse, switch door and other vehicle information monitoring.

- Identification: support for driver IC card identification.

- Driving information printing: support for external printer for driving information printing.

- Network function: support 3G remote video surveillance, GPS/BD positioning, WIFI wireless network, etc.

- Video download, remote alarm, network settings and remote upgrade and other functions.

- Equipment upgrades: support for local upgrade and remote upgrade.

- Language intercom function ;prevent data tampering, guarantee the authenticity and efficiency of law video.

- Device control: support for local upgrade and remote upgrade, parameter setting, and other device control functions.



4/8 Channels SD Card Mobile DVR_FTH-JT-F7:http://www.furtherchina.com/e/SDCardMobileDVR/53.html