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4 Channels SD Card Mobile DVR_FTH-DVR-D5

Release time:2015/11/22 23:30:00

SD card storage, GPS optional.


- Integrated with SD card as storage medium,good anti-shock performance.

- Four chanels' audio surveillance video.

- High integration SOC chip, which make the realization of video capture and compression on a single board.

Functional characteristics and industrial design

- Supports 4 channels switch monitoring.

- Resolutions as CIF、HD1、D1,total resource 100 CIF per second.

- SD card as storage medium,good anti-shock performance,keep good performance under high temperature.

- Can be a video superimposed vehicle speed, braking signal, time, date, license number and other data.

- Automatic cycle recording: 16G card can store ~ 160 hours' video data.

- Real time recording: atteched with external monitor microphone, sound and image colleagues are stored in the SD card at the same time.

- Main profile H.264 encoding format, high compression ratio, image clarity.

- Built in UPS power supply,power supply can continue ~30s after power off, make sure no data missing.

- Supports all kinds of warning: equipment abnormal alarm, high and low speed alarm, manual key alarm, etc.

- With remote control design, there is no button, to avoid collision caused by misuse.

- Wide voltage design input(6V-45V), over-voltage & overload protection,applicable to all kinds of cars.

- Making use of special air plug and rear cover as the external connection cable, to ensure the stability of the equipment.

- High system integration, industrial grade components are fully cut in, which can ensure the product adapt itself to the complex environment of the car.



4 Channels SD Card Mobile DVR_FTH-DVR-D5:http://www.furtherchina.com/e/SDCardMobileDVR/84.html