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4/8 Channels AHD 720P Hard Disk Mobile DVR_FHT-DVR-A7

Release time:2015/11/22 23:22:00

High Definication HDD storage, GPS/3G/4G/4G full netcom/WIFI optional.


- FTH-DVR-A7 is a a high performance, scalable device. It has the fuction of video by using high speed processor to achieve 4 channels AHD 720p, D1, CIFmultiple formats to choose, while the AHD camera and the ordinary analog camera mixed mode, the vehicle exercise information recording and wireless data upload, with the center software can realize the central monitoring, remote management and playback analysis based on central database.

Functional characteristics and industrial design

- Uses H.264 Highprofile video codecompression, dual code output.

- 4 channels 720P@30fps input, 1 channel video output.

- Uses G.726 audio compression format, 2 channels audio input, 1 channel audio output.

- Real-time local video, multiple format options: 720P, D1, CIF; § Supports event triggers single path full screen and multi screen display function.

- Alarm interface: 6 channels alarm input, 1 channel alarm output.

- Multiple video formats, boot recording, timing recording, trigger recording.

- General video file format: Uses ASF file format, support general software VLC play or supporting playback software, support 1 or 4 channels playback synchronously.

- Quick start: Can quickly enter the normal working mode within 35 seconds after machine opening. Support key switch machine, timing power-on/off, delay power off.



4/8 Channels AHD 720P Hard Disk Mobile DVR_FHT-DVR-A7:http://www.furtherchina.com/e/hard-disk-mobile-dvr/58.html