What do you know about car cameras

There are many kinds of reversing cameras, including car cameras. How much do you know about the car cameras?

1. CCD and CMOS chip are important parts of the reversing camera. According to the different components, they can be divided into CCD and CMOS. CMOS is mainly used in products with lower image quality. Its advantages are low manufacturing cost and low power consumption. The disadvantage is that CMOS camera has higher requirements for light source; CCD is a high-end technical element applied in photography and camera, and video capture card is also attached. CCD and CMOS have a great gap in technology and performance. Generally speaking, CCD has better effect, but the price is also more expensive. It is suggested to choose CCD camera without considering the cost.

2. Clarity is one of the important indicators to measure the camera. Generally speaking, if the camera has high definition, the better the quality of image display will be! How to choose a camera with high definition? It is recommended to judge according to the level of camera chip. The different chip grades and the different sensitive elements, including the level of debugging technicians, may have different effects on products of the same chip and the same level, On the contrary, high definition products will be discounted for night vision. The number of lines used by reversing camera to divide the definition is clear, such as 420, 480, 500, 580, 600, etc.

3. Reversing cameras generally have waterproof function, which can better protect the camera and prolong the life of the reversing camera.

4. The reversing camera has shock proof and dust-proof function.

5. The higher the clarity of the product night vision effect will not be very good, because night vision effect is also related to the product clarity. Generally, good quality products have night vision function, and will not affect the effect of presentation. Generally night vision is with red or white LED lights called night vision, without red light can only be said to be good low illumination, in the same light conditions imaging effect will be better.

6. Various car reversing cameras include: night view reversing camera, license plate frame reversing camera, semi license plate frame reversing camera, hole camera, external camera, etc

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