Components of vehicle monitoring system?

For video monitoring system, vehicle monitoring can be based on the different functions of each part of the system. Due to the increasing integration of equipment, for some systems, some devices may exist in the system as multiple layers at the same time. The performance layer is more intuitive to us, it shows the quality of the entire video monitoring system. Such as monitoring TV wall, monitor, high tone alarm horn, alarm automatic connection telephone and so on all belong to this floor.

The control layer is the core of the whole video monitoring system, it is a clear embodiment of the system technology level. Generally, we have two control methods - analog control and digital control. Analog control is an early control method. Its console is usually composed of controller or analog control matrix, which is suitable for small local video monitoring system. This control mode has low cost and low failure rate.

The processing layer may be called audio and video processing layer. It distributes, amplifies and splits audio and video signals from the transmission layer, and organically connects the presentation layer with the control layer. Audio and video distributor, audio and video amplifier, video splitter, audio and video switcher and other equipment belong to this layer.

The transport layer is the blood of video monitoring system. In the small video monitoring system, the most common transmission layer equipment is video cable and the emerging transmission layer medium network cable / optical fiber. Most people have a misunderstanding in digital security monitoring. They think that the digital video monitoring system used by the control layer is a digital video monitoring system, but it is not.

The transmission medium of pure digital video monitoring system must be network cable or optical fiber. When the signal comes out of the acquisition layer, it has been modulated into a digital signal. The digital signal runs on the mature network at present. Theoretically, it has no attenuation, which ensures the no loss display of remote monitoring image, which is incomparable with analog transmission. Of course, high performance returns also need high cost investment, which is one of the more important reasons why pure digital video monitoring system can not be popularized.

The executive layer is the command object of our control instruction. Sometimes, it is separated from the support layer and the acquisition layer which we mentioned later. We think that the controlled object is the execution layer device. For example: pan tilt, lens, decoder, ball and so on.

The support layer is used to support the back-end equipment, protecting and supporting the acquisition layer and execution layer equipment. It includes bracket, protective cover and other auxiliary equipment. The acquisition layer is the key factor for the quality of the whole video monitoring system, and it is also the place where the system costs a lot. It includes lens, camera, alarm sensor and so on.

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