What are the basic functions of automobile locator

Vehicle locator is mainly a vehicle anti-theft GPS positioning products. A lot of cars. What are the basic functions of automobile positioner?

1. Location tracking: by visiting the positioning platform, you can know the status and status of the current vehicle in real time.

2. Track playback: by visiting the "positioning platform", you can view the driving track of the vehicle within 60 days, and view the road section and speed of the vehicle at that time.

3. Intelligent alarm: in case of collision, overspeed or car positioner falling off, the alarm will be given.

4. Remote locking: send instructions to the equipment through SMS or "positioning platform", disconnect the vehicle oil circuit and circuit, and achieve the purpose of locking the vehicle.

5. One button help: the vehicle locator can be connected with SOS help button to realize emergency help in case of emergency.

6. Remote monitoring: you can dial the SIM card number on the device at any time to monitor the voice around the vehicle in real time.

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