The importance of vehicle monitoring in traffic?

Vehicle monitoring is an embryonic form of intelligent travel. It takes time for the electronic information age to enter the era of intelligent machinery. Vehicle monitoring is a kind of emergency guarantee for vehicles on the road. It has modern monitoring ability and cooperates with navigation. What aspects are the importance of vehicle monitoring in traffic?

The on-board monitoring system is a real-time, accurate and high-energy comprehensive transportation management system which integrates advanced information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic sensor technology, control technology and computer technology into the whole ground traffic management system.

A set of perfect vehicle monitoring system consists of traffic information service system, traffic management system, public transport system, vehicle control system, freight management system, electronic toll collection system, emergency rescue system, etc. In today's society, due to the economic development and the acceleration of urbanization, public transportation, long-distance passenger transport, school bus, taxi and so on have become the main means of public travel.

Travel safety has become a more and more social concern. However, due to traffic congestion, illegal driving, fatigue driving, overloading, overweight, poor management and other issues, the number of people who died of traffic accidents in China every year exceeds 100000, and public transport safety has become the focus of social attention.

In order to improve the pressure of transportation and reduce the incidence of traffic accidents, the government is not only building a new mode of transportation, but also vigorously promoting the construction of intelligent transportation system, hoping to build more travel modes and use scientific means to promote the reform of the whole transportation industry, so as to make the traffic of the whole society smoother, more convenient and safer, which is also the necessity of social development Problems to be solved.

The solution to this problem is to build a scientific intelligent transportation system (ITS), and vehicle monitoring is the core of its.

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